Why Use Copper?

Copper is the natural choice of materials for a quality plumbing system. There are many benefits of using copper in a system, benefits that no other material can match:

  1. Versatility
    Copper tube and fittings can be used in every part of a plumbing, heating, gas supply and sanitation system, with total confidence. It's strong, it bends easily and systems can be assembled both on and offsite. For a skilled plumber, copper is the best material to work with.
  2. Durable and strong
    It is strong and resists damage, so you can rely on copper tube and fittings for decades. Copper's long pedigree, as the top plumbing material, means its durability is well proven. A copper system should easily outlast the lifetime of a building.
  3. Tried and tested
    Copper tube and fittings have no rivals when it comes to proven performance. Systems have been in service for decades and continue to give reliable performance. Copper components are scientifically tested, fully accepted and carry quality certification approvals worldwide.
  4. Healthy and safe
    It is a natural material – it has been used to make drinking vessels, pipes and water containers for thousands of years. No other plumbing material can beat copper's superb health record: it is an antimicrobial and will therefore keep your water-supply safe, a paramount reason to trust a copper system.
  5. Good value for money
    In the hands of a skilled installer, copper's engineering traditions produce a reliable system at a reasonable price. A copper system should give many years of trouble-free service and then can be removed and sold for scrap at the end of its useful life. So the cost of a copper system, over the length of its life-cycle, is very competitive.
  6. Recyclable
    At the end of their use, copper tubes can be re-melted and re-made into brand new tubes or other copper components. This all benefits the environment.
  7. Resists heat, corrosion, pressure and fire
    With a melting point in excess of 1000°C, systems made of copper can handle extremes of heat – no problems, side-effects or long-term degradation. Equally important is copper's resistance to corrosion and high water-pressure. It doesn't burn and keeps its shape and strength in high temperature environments.
  8. Non-permeable
    It gives excellent protection against anything that could contaminate the domestic water supply. Nothing can get through: no fluids, no germs, no oxygen, no ultra-violet rays - nothing. Copper doesn't absorb organic substances, cannot be softened by them in service and does not suffer UV degradation as do some other plumbing materials.
  9. Installed by professionals
    Whenever quality counts, the best solutions are copper systems and the professional skills of a trained installer.
  10. Industry support
    It is supplied by a worldwide industry with decades of experience - and a long term commitment to supplying quality products at competitive prices. The industry invests in the plumbing profession in all sorts of ways - training, technical support, improving standards and helping to develop codes of practice. Thus the copper industry is committed to copper's future.
Mueller have invested heavily in new plant and machinery

Copper tube and fittings can be used in every part of a plumbing, heating and gas supply.

Copper is recyclable

Copper is recyclable.

Systems made of copper can handle extremes of heat

Systems made of copper can handle extremes of heat.

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UK based manufacturer

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications

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