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Since the discovery of copper thousands of years ago, it has played a key role in innovation, infrastructure and the advancement of many societies.  The need for Copper remains unquestionable, its infinite recyclability makes it one of the ‘greenest metals’. To promote the environmental benefits of copper, Wednesbury Tube support The Copper Sustainability Partnership (CuSP) to spark a discussion around environmental thinking, collaboration and using copper as the driving force for a better future. CuSP highlights the harmful industrial impact of using plastic for plumbing and industrial applications and supports the provision of green energy to help create more sustainable homes.

We welcome organisations and academia to get involved to create a UK-wide network to support the use of copper and the reduction of plastics within trades.

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Copper Sustainability Partnership – CuSP

Copper Sustainability Partnership – CuSP

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UK based manufacturer

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications

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