Copper comes from the very core of the earth. From there it bubbled to the surface through vast volcanic cracks millions of years ago. Now cooled and solidified these upsurges have become our copper mines.

Archaeological discoveries have shown that copper tubes were first used to carry water around 2750 BC at Abusir in the Nile Delta. The tubes are still in a remarkable state of preservation highlighting the longevity of copper products.

Today, throughout the world, more and more people are concerned about the world's natural resources. Copper gives them the best chance to choose a recyclable plumbing material.

All Wednesbury’s tubes are 100% recyclable with no loss in properties, which is of major benefit to the environment. At the end of the lifetime of a building, copper tubes can be removed, re-melted and re-made into copper tubes or other copper products. Indeed, recycling uses just 15% of the energy that would be used to mine and produce the same copper, thereby helping to conserve fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. It is estimated that around 80% of all copper ever mined is still in use today, some having been recycled time and time again.

At our Wednesbury Tube plant, we endeavour to use as much recycled copper as our process will allow.

Wednesbury's tubes are 100% recyclable

Wednesbury's tubes are 100% recyclable.

Copper tubes for plumbing

Wednesbury Copper Tube

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications.

UK based manufacturer

UK based manufacturer

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications

Copper tubes

Environmentally efficient

One of the most modern and environmentally efficient plants of its type in the EC.

Environmentally efficient plant

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Wednesbury Tube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mueller Industries Inc

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Exported world-wide

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