Mueller Industries Inc.

Mueller Metals Company was originally formed 100 years ago in the USA, and later became Mueller Brass Company.  The company is now known as Mueller Industries Incorporated and is traded on the New York stock exchange.

The Mueller Group have numerous manufacturing plants throughout the United States and across the globe including in Canada, Mexico, UK and China. The Group have a wide range of products comprising:

  • Copper Tube and Fittings
  • Brass and Copper Alloy rod, bar and shapes
  • Aluminium and Brass forgings
  • Aluminium and copper impact extrusions
  • Plastic fittings and valves
  • Refrigeration valves and fittings
  • And fabricated tubular product

Over the last decade, Wednesbury Tube has undergone a major investment program. We have installed plant and machinery using only the latest technology to make our factory one of the most modern copper tube manufacturing facilities in the world.

The capital investment demonstrates that Mueller Industries are fully committed to the copper tube industry. A commitment that ensures customers are buying the highest quality product and gives them full confidence in Wednesbury Tube and its products.

Mueller Industries Headquarters in Memphis

Mueller Industries Headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Copper tubes for plumbing

Wednesbury Copper Tube

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications.

UK based manufacturer

UK based manufacturer

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications

Copper tubes

Environmentally efficient

One of the most modern and environmentally efficient plants of its type in the EC.

Environmentally efficient plant

Mueller Industries Inc

Wednesbury Tube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mueller Industries Inc

Made in Britain

Made in Britain - Exported world-wide

Exported world-wide

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