Wednesbury Tube supplies copper tube, marked with the world famous ‘Wednesbury Streamline’ brand, for a variety of uses including hot and cold water services, gas and sanitation applications, together with special products such as medical gas tubes and plastic-coated copper tubes.

The tubes are manufactured to European specification EN1057 and supplied in 3 different tempers:

  • Half-hard (R250) straight lengths
  • Hard (R290) straight lengths
  • Soft (R220) coils

Plastic-coated tubes are supplied in 2 different forms:

  • Protec plastic-coated tubes have a plain plastic coating which protects the copper against corrosive environments.
  • Protec 2000 plastic-coated tubes not only protect against corrosion, they also cut down heat-loss from central-heating and hot water services when they are buried.

The plastic-coating is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) which is more environmentally friendly and less toxic than PVC.

Wednesbury supplies medical gas tubes for installation in hospitals, operating theatres and laboratories. Medical gas tubes are specially cleaned to make them suitable for installations in medical gas systems. The tubes are first manufactured to the dimensional and mechanical requirements of BS EN1057. The tube is then solvent degreased. All tube bores are visually inspected, and then blown out with medical quality air. Both tube ends are capped, and each bundle of tubes is wrapped in plastic-sleeving. Identification tape is subsequently applied to the packaging.

Wednesbury also supplies chrome-plated copper tubes for installation where the decorative effect of the chrome-plating is required.

Wednesbury supplies plastic-coated copper tubes

Wednesbury supplies plastic-coated copper tubes.

Wednesbury manufacture medical gas tubes

Wednesbury manufacture medical gas tubes.

Copper tubes for plumbing

Wednesbury Copper Tube

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications.

UK based manufacturer

UK based manufacturer

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications

Copper tubes

Environmentally efficient

One of the most modern and environmentally efficient plants of its type in the EC.

Environmentally efficient plant

Mueller Industries Inc

Wednesbury Tube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mueller Industries Inc

Made in Britain

Made in Britain - Exported world-wide

Exported world-wide

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