As a responsible company we recognise our responsibility to take care of the environment. To demonstrate we take our responsibility seriously we have gained Environmental Management Approval to ISO 14001:2015. No other manufacturer supplying copper plumbing tube holds this approval.

We have a fully integrated facility taking a mixture of recycled copper and copper cathode to cast copper billets for the production of tube. All copper tube is 100% recyclable. In addition, we have put in place processes and procedures to reduce emissions, minimise waste, reduce energy consumption and promote recycling.

We operate our processes as prescribed by the UK Pollution Prevention Control Act, and we observe the requirements laid down by the UK Environment Agency. We hold an active Climate Change Agreement with DEFRA (a UK government department) and we are registered with the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme. Indeed they made a film of our factory to illustrate to other manufacturers how far carbon reductions can be made in industry if the effort is there.

We operate a fully integrated filter system on our casting plant, which removes all particulates and dust post the melting process and prior emission to atmosphere.

Waste stations have been introduced across the business to allow for waste segregation and the recycling of material such as metals, wood, paper, plastic and cardboard. The use of energy-management lighting-systems includes a switch off policy for all non-essential equipment during non-working periods.

Wednesbury Tube is committed to continual environmental performance by setting annual environmental improvement objectives and targets. These are regularly monitored and reviewed: internally by the company Board of Directors, and externally by the UK Environment Agency when they inspect us to issue our IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) permit, and by the British Standards Institute when they inspect us to approve our ISO 14001:2015 certificate.

Copper tubes for plumbing

Wednesbury Copper Tube

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications.

UK based manufacturer

UK based manufacturer

Copper tubes for plumbing, heating and a wide range of industrial applications

Copper tubes

Environmentally efficient

One of the most modern and environmentally efficient plants of its type in the EC.

Environmentally efficient plant

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Wednesbury Tube is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mueller Industries Inc

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Exported world-wide

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